Friday, June 24, 2011


                                            ..I thank you for visiting.. 
I hope you find something here that gives you some relief from the 'bad-news' that seems to follow us all from day to day. I truly believe that people are responsible for themselves, but I cannot help in blaming the media, and some sections of the internet for creating most of the demons who walk our streets today.. I would never point at the internet and condemn it as all evil, because it opens doors for us all to find information, enjoyment and most importantly, "to spread our word, our thoughts and our love"...

I have very open-minded views of our Planet, which includes a firm belief that all decent people  WILL  receive complete happiness when their time comes to leave this beautiful planet of ours.

I've been asked many times.  Have I received this gift from GOD?..   
Answer - I have collected this gift from the people I have met on my journey through life. And because I deeply believe that GOD (a higher power) is brought to the fore, inside every good person on earth. Then and only then, do I truly believe, and answer  YES.   

        THE PARK                       ..A little light relief here, to help you find that Smile..

Walking in the Park, on a warm summer's day
the birds are singing,  as if on display.
Young rabbits appear, and disappear in the grass,
as some squirrels play chasing,  unaware,  as I pass.
Down by the pond,  the ducks pay no heed,
until I throw in some bread,  It’s now time for a feed.
With young ducklings left behind, as the strong begin to eat,
with an almighty throw, I send out their treat.
Sugar filled kids, out kicking a ball,
unaware of Nature, It’s beauty and all.
As their ball heads my way,  there’s a shout, “Make a Pass!
I swipe,  I miss,  I end up on my Ass.
With the kids now laughing.  The remaining bread in the air,
I make a run at the kids, they just scatter everywhere.
Now out of breath, I just sit on a bench,
as the ball again comes near, I shout “Get it yourself.  ©                                 

                               CONTRADICTING PERSONAL BELIEF'S

Don't be afraid to contradict yourself.  Contradiction is the way to find your own "TRUE BELIEF'S"...Opinions change all the time, So change yours until you have found enlightenment.

While i believe that God! (The Creator), designed our Spirit!   Nature itself created our bodies. Nature being the combination of  EVERYTHING  on our world, (Planet Earth)..

These bodies are very fragile and cannot support the Spirit for too long. They will eventually become obsolete. 
Our spirit was created billions of years ago by (The Creator), and is capable of taking us way beyond anything we can possibly imagine..
                                                Life as we don't know it.
Whenever explorers discovered lost worlds and tribes, they discovered that each find had it's own beliefs in a God..What this tells me is that there is something unknown within us all, that produces these ideas of a Higher Power.. ..Is it Catholic,Hindu,Muslim,Protestant, etc etc...Personally i don't think so..These are man-made Gods..
When we die, is that the end?  or is it just the beginning?..
With a Billion Stars in each Galaxy, and a Billion Galaxy's, I find it very hard to believe that when our bodies die, this is the end for us..(That is just waste), and Nature does not waste anything.....It might be the end of our bodies. They might have been developed over time to nourish the life form that exists within us..When our bodies die the life form is released from its pod to venture off into the universe. Travel is then not an issue..(Call it a Spirit if you wish), but True Existence then begins. 
When a young child dies, it's a very sad time for us all, but the child's Spirit has just being released early..Does the child's spirit have the knowledge of living and learning on earth?..NO.....The child doesn't need earthly knowledge now..
The Child will be waiting for you when you are finished with your body.........But you must understand the following few words..
The thoughts you might have to follow your child before your body is finished, must always be ignored..your child will want you to fulfil your existence on earth.....He/She knows that your place in their hearts is for eternity, not just a lifetime...So look in the mirror now, and get that SMILE back..
It's your gift to your child, until the day comes when you meet FOREVER...
                                                                                   to be cont...

From here it gets a little Darker. This is a sad part of our world..

Does this piece of writing below, make any sense to you?
If you have an opinion on this, then leave it here in a comment.
Or you can contact me in confidence
                                                           THANK YOU...MICHAEL...

From the depths of Hell, I make my way to the surface
I'm a horrid, hate filled Demon
I want to destroy everything i touch
I am about to fulfill everyone's fear of me
I see some people in the distance
I want to eat their souls
I want to put terror into their hearts
I want to rob them of everything sacred to them
As i near them, i feel them watching me
I am ready to pounce
But they attack me, with Guns and Knives, shooting and stabbing
I flee back to the depths of Hell
IT'S SAFER THERE.....  (c)
                       A FRIGHTENING THOUGHT
Is GOD also afraid of us?...Are we heading towards a situation, 
where Good and Evil join forces to eradicate the greater evil
which is grown within Mankind  ..I believe we are..

Does this thief abuse Gods forgiveness?.  (A quote below from the thief)

I Pray to God each night and ask him for Money! But he doesn't send any.
So I go out each day and rob it. I then ask him for forgiveness..

                  A Few too Many
How many old people can walk the streets safely at night?....Few..
How many people find pleasure in hurting others?..................Many.
How many paedophiles are looking for our kids?....................Many.
How many criminals walk free from court?..............................Many.
How many victims of crime are reimbursed?............................Few..
How much help do criminals receive?.......................................100%
How much help do decent people receive?...............................1%
If your in prison you get free immediate medical help
If your an ill "decent" person! then sit in the queue for 8 hours..
Is becoming a criminal looking better?..Sadly Yes!..

My name is Michael. and at the nice age of 52, I am a true believer that good WILL win the day.